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Free Ham Radio Tube Bank
     This tube bank is my way of giving back to the Ham Community. I am not offering high dollar, high power final, audio, or rare tubes for free. So do not ask if I have any Western Electric 350B, Genelex KT88, etc. I will sell those if and when I have them in the tube category. I do have lots of receiving tubes and even tubes like used 6146's and driver tubes. If you need a tube for your ham receiver or transmitter and I have it I will let you have it free, you pay shipping. I will allow up to 4 tubes at one time. Email me with your needs. In the email please include a picture of the radio you are putting it in and also your QSL card or Callsign in front of it. I will check, and if I have it I'll let you know the cost of shipping. These tubes will be mostly used American made tubes.
     If you have any tubes you would like to donate or sell at a reasonable price please contact me also
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237 K St
Lincoln, CA 95648
United States
Ph: 916-761-1542
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