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Ameritron ALS-600  
ART-13 Speech amplifier  
ART-13 transmitter
Astatic Golden Eagle mic
Astatic JT-30            
Atlas RX-110/TX-110 and P.S.          
Bell Reel to Reel recorder  
Bird 43 wattmeter with slugs
Bird 43 wattmeters (2)            
Bird 74 Coax switch      
Capehart chrome amps 406H or 500      
Central electronics 10B rack mount      
Clegger 99
Collins 2.1kc filter for S-line 
Collins 312B-1 speaker   
Collins 32S-1       
Collins 516F-2     
Collins 75S-1       
Collins KWM-1 with 516-f1
Collins mobile power supply      
Collins R-390A rec 
CY-979A cabinet for R-390A    
Daiwa CNW-518 (2)            
Digital dial model 22 
Drake 2AQ  (2)            
Drake 2-B (2)            
Drake 2-B V.G. cond.
Drake 2-BQ speaker V.G. cond
Drake AC-4              
Drake AC-4              
Drake DC4 power supply      
Drake MS-4              
Drake MS-4/AC4      
Drake MS-4/AC4      
Drake R-4B            
Drake RV-4              
Drake RV-4              
Drake RV-7              
Drake T-4XB         
Drake TR-3 parts     
Drake TR-3              
Drake TR-4 xcvr      
Drake TR-4              
Drake TR-4C           
Drake TR-7 and PS7
Eico 666 tube tester
Energy laboratories 1000pf V.V.C.     
Fisher 30A amplifiers
Galaxy 5  
Galaxy GT-350 and misc  
Garner propeller 
General Radio 1931-A modulation monitor   
Globe 755 VFO (2)   
Globe sidebander
Gonset 3027 pre amplifier  
Gonset 3063 power amplifier  
Gonset communicator II with bag          
Gonset G-66B receiver and P.S. V.G. cond.
Gonset G77 / G66B twins                
Gonset G-77 and G66B with P.S.          
Hallicrafters HT-37   
Hallicrafters PS-150  
Hallicrafters R-274/FRR receiver   
Hallicrafters R-47 small speaker   
Hallicrafters SR-46 / HA-26 VFO        
Hallicrafters SX-110  
Hallicrafters SX-99    
Harvey Wells R-9
Harvey Wells R-9A
Harvey Wells T-90
Harvey Wells TBS-50 with P.S.          
Harvey wells TBS-50D         
Heathkit DX-100    
Heathkit HD 1250                    
Heathkit HM-102 unbuilt     
Heathkit HR-1680 
Heathkit HW-7/p.s.
Heathkit HW-8 with manual    
Heathkit P.S. (modified)
Heathkit SA-2060  
Heathkit SB-1000 may need work        
Heathkit SB-200    
Heathkit SB-220 (parts, no tubes)      
Heathkit SB-220    
Heathkit SB-221 needs work/never worked    
Heathkit SB-303    
Heathkit SB-303    
Heathkit SB-401 needs crystals    
Heathkit SB-614 monitor   
Heathkit SB-614    
Heathkit SB-650    
Heathkit SBA-1400 P.S.          
High Sierra HS-1800 motor base only         
Hi-Mound BK-100 Japanese key          
Home brew 813 transmitter Parts       
Homebuilt antenna tuner with roller inductor   
HP 105A/B
HP 11710B down converter 
HP 410C voltmeter 
HP 462A wideband amplifier  
HP 8444A
HP 8552B IF section
HP 8554B RF section (vhf)
HP 85556A LF section
HP 8640B
HP141T display
HRO 5RA1 rack mount with coils and speaker   
HRO coils (7) includes E/F/G      
Icom IC-718          
Icom IC-756proIII
Icom IC-765  XCVR
Icom IC-R10 handheld rec           
Icom IC-T81A hand held         
Jennings U250 Vacuum Variables (6)            
Jennings UCS 400 V.V.C.     
Johnson 10 watt audio ampliifier #250-33   
Johnson Kilowatt matchbox
Johnson TR switch
Johnson TR switch
Johnson Viking 122 VFO        
Johnson Viking Ranger    
JW Miller AT-2500 antenna tuner        
Kenwood MC-80     
Kenwood PS-430    
Kenwood SM-220   
Kenwood SP-430    
Kenwood SP-940    
Kenwood SP-950    
Kenwood TM-255A
Kenwood TS-430S  
Kenwood TS-520 ex cond        
Kenwood TS-570D with P.S.  
Kenwood VFO-520S
Magnatone MP-1 Amplifier V.G. cond.
Magnecord PT6-S5J recording amp         
McGohan MC-2 mic transformer               
McIntosh MI-75 amplifiers (2)            
Merit A-3132 OPT
Metron A-1000 Amplifier needs work AS-IS       
Metron MA1000B like new   
MFJ-752 speech enhancer 
MFJ-986 tuner        
MFJ-989C tuner        
Motorola TV model 9T1          
National HRO speaker   
National RAS-5 CNA 46080                
Precision model 10-40 tube tester       
RC Helicopters and parts 
RCA JR velocity mic                
Roller inductors (4) Johnson and B&W
SEC 1235 P.S.          
Shure 99H86 element    
Stancor ST-203A transmitter
Swan Mark I amplifier with spare tubes        
Tektronix TDS3032B oscilloscope             
Ten-Tec keyers (2)                  
Timewave ANC-4 noise canceller 
Transformers: misc                     
Turner 22DH mic
Turns counter    
TV-3/U tube tester
TV-7B/U tube tester
UTC CG-134 Transformer             
UTC CVM-4 modulation transformer               
UTC LS-52 OPT        
Vibroplex champion bug # 193973    
Vibroplex lightning bug deluxe #194027  
Vibroplex original #84566 (1921)      
Vibroplex original Japened finish       
Viking I transmitter
Viking Valiant transmitter
Viking Valiant V.G. with audio mods and manual                
Western Electric D159749 OPT        
Western Electric KS-19602 Amplifier by McIntosh 
Western Electric KS-5727-L1 Tube tester       
Western Electric KS-9923 repeater  
Western Electric Volume indicator KS-16654-L1            
Weston OQ-3 or 788 tube tester       
WM Duck loose coupler    
Yaesu FT-920 xcvr  
Yaesu G-1000DXA control box
Yaesu L3030028 transformer for FT-101 series                   
Yaesu Rotor and Control Box with Cable                         
Yaesu SP-5
Yaesu SP-8  speaker   
Yashica-D reflex camera

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